Natural History Museum Scavenger Hunt

Hey, here’s a cool  Natural History Museum Scavenger hunt  for you to print off and take with you on your next visit!

Botanical Garden A to Z Scavenger Hunt

Print off a scavenger hunt to take with you on your next visit to help kids notice new and interesting things (and visit old favorites).


Mural Madness!

Do you keep meaning to check out our many interesting Albuquerque murals? Click the link below for a high quality printable PDF. Perfect for walking field trips with a class of kiddos, keeping a copy on a clip board in the backseat of your vehicle, or even for adults on a pub crawl in downtown! Pair with a quick look at to find the nearest mural to you to get you started.

Mural Bingo

Mural Bingo


Scarf tags!

Hit up a thrift store on 1/2 price day and buy out all their snuggliest scarves, take up a collection at your community group meeting, or knit away (or even hit up the fleece remnants at JoAnn and snip your own – kids as young as 6 can help do this, and kid’s school scissors are weirdly effective at cutting fleece. ) Print off tags, color in the hearts for a personal touch, then put the warm items into the world in places they are likely to be found by anyone who might need them the most.

this scarf is not lost

Ways to play around Albuquerque!

Print out the options, cut them apart, then choose one when you are looking for a lowkey afternoon activity.

what to do when you’re bored in albuquerque

We’re drowning in art projects!

Needs ideas for what to do with all of the beautiful stuff your kids bring home from school or childcare, or that you guys generate together at an astonishing rate?

ideas for an overflow of art masterpieces

15 Rainbow Project Ideas


We love rainbow colored everything at Color Wheel Toys – need to fill your own life with rainbow art? Check out this website that features easy projects for making fancy rainbow art!