Need a birthday gift for a terrific kid? Desire supplies for a school project? Need to tie dye, embroider, or collage? What about keeping kids calm and engaged while you travel, or wait somewhere quiet? Come December, the best stocking stuffers in Albuquerque? Color Wheel Toys has you covered! Toys R US? Nope, we know toys!

Here’s what the Weekly Alibi has to say about Color Wheel Toys!

Tariffs: Toys are big news – a 10% tariff on toys coming from China may be levied in December. Color Wheel Toys sources toys from all over, with many made in the USA and others from Indonesia, Thailand, Denmark, Italy, Korea, and more. We still believe in fun, interesting, well made toys at a great value – not rock bottom prices, but not wallet rending, either. You can expect a consistent Color Wheel Toys experience full of glee and wonder: no politics, all play!