Need a birthday gift for a terrific kid? Desire supplies to supplement learning and exploration? Need to tie dye, embroider, or collage? What about keeping kids calm and engaged while you travel, or wait somewhere quiet? Come December, the best stocking stuffers in Albuquerque? Color Wheel Toys has you covered! Toys R US? Nope, we know toys!

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Color Wheel Toys sources toys from all over, with many made in the USA and others from Indonesia, Thailand, Denmark, Italy, Korea, as well as China. We believe in fun, interesting, well made toys at a great value – not rock bottom prices, but not wallet rending, either. We set up our store to encourage our idea that any toy could be for any kid – no pink or blue aisles. We have lots of items that people appeal to people of all cognitive abilities and we reuse/recycle whenever possible. Phew!