Nob Hill Free Store

Color Wheel Toys is a seasonal store that closes Dec 31 every year. We still have a week left on our lease after Dec 31 and it seems a shame to let the space go to waste, so for 5 days it will become the Nob Hill Free Store!

Our business values include: thinking about consumption, reusing what you have when you can, fixing things to make them useful, and community strength and vitality. Sharing things you don’t need with your community, and finding things you need that they’ve shared with you helps to reduce waste and decreases reliance on megacorporations.

Disclosure: we do not profit off of Nob Hill Free Store in any way. The employees are paid to work. Anything left with us will be redistributed to the community via the Free Store. Anything left over after January 6th will be taken to community agencies and local thrift stores. We do no take a tax deduction for any donated items. We are not a 501(3)c and cannot give you a tax form for things you donate to the Free Store.

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